The Types Of Gel Blasters And Tips To Consider When Purchasing Gel Blaster Guns

The Types Of Gel Blasters And Tips To Consider When Purchasing Gel Blaster Guns

Do you wish there was a better way to level up in your favourite games? What you need is probably a gel blaster gun. Fans of first-person shooter video games interested in trying out the genre in the real world can do so with a simple gel blaster gun model. 

Remember that some people, especially those unfamiliar with gel-blaster guns, can confuse them for genuine firearms. So before you go out and buy one, make sure you know what the laws are like for gel blasters. Otherwise, law enforcement might take action against you.

Types of Gel Blasters

When it comes to blasters, the market is enormous. Nerf battles maybe even more entertaining by purchasing a variety of blasters and other accessories. The sheer variety of blasters available may be the first thing you notice while delving into this enormous universe of plaything firearms. Finding the correct blaster can seem challenging due to the wide variety of sizes and forms available.

Rifle Gel Blasters

There's a reason why rifle-shaped gel blasters are the most popular. To add realism, they are shaped like guns but use pressured air to launch little packets of gel. When playing with others, the range and precision of these blasters can reach up to 50 feet.

Pistol Gel Blasters

Gel blaster pistols function like semiautomatic weapons. They have the appearance of firearms (therefore, they are more portable) but fire packets of gel-like rifle gel blasters. Pistol blasters are great for indoor usage because their smaller size means their projectiles don't travel as far or as rapidly as larger blasters. They're compact enough that you won't have to worry about exhaustion if you have to bring them into battle.


Gatling Gel Blasters


Gatling-style blasters will likely appeal to you if you're in the market for a more powerful gel blaster. Although they function similarly to conventional blasters, their appearance as machine guns makes them instantly cooler. These blasters have a large capacity for gel, so you won't have to reload as often. Less waiting around in combat is usually a plus!

Grenade Gel Blasters

Gel grenade blasters are similar to Gatling blasters; only they launch gel grenades instead of packets or cartridges. Using elastic bands as propellant means these won't go very far or fast, but they're great for use in a contained environment. It's a lot of fun to clip a few to your belt and pull the pins whenever an opponent comes within range.

The following checklist will get you started with your gel blaster gun:


Do Some Budgeting

Gel blaster weapons can range in price from cheap to expensive. Budgeting between £150 and £300 will give you a wide range of options to work with.

Otherwise, a good beginner kit including add-ons may be purchased for roughly £350.

When shopping for a cheap blaster cannon, keep these things in mind:

  • Reviews

You should read the reviews and conduct your research before making a purchase. This will serve as a benchmark for judging how realistic the gel blaster gun is. You'd also know if there are any problems with the blaster pistol.

  • Brand

In general, it's best to stick with well-known, reliable and responsible labels. If you intend to expand your collection, this will serve as a crucial factor you need to consider. 

  • Model

You should give some thought to the games you intend to use it with. This way, you can select the best model for the game. In any case, an assault rifle is adequate for novices.

  • Weight

Select a blaster that won't force you to halt your progress. If it weighs too much, it will interfere with your performance. 

  • Pick The Right Size

Choose a gel blaster gun that is both portable and manageable in size. If the weapon you bought is too tiny for you, you may have problems pulling the trigger during gameplay.

Also, don't get a gun with a short stock or barrel if you're on the tall side. As a result, you'd have a tough time aiming and handling the firearm. Avoid long-blaster rifles if your stature is less than average. To pull the trigger, you'll need to extend your arms. In addition, checking your reflection in the mirror to see how you appear while holding it can assist. Trying on a few different sizes may help you find the one that works best.


  • Pick A Solid Construction

Invest in a high-quality build for your first blaster cannon. It's pricey, but it'll keep blasting for longer than the alternative. And it's more efficient to boot! In the long run, you end up spending less money. In addition, you should budget for extras like these.

Find Appropriate Add-Ons

The final step in customising your gel blaster rifle is picking the proper attachments, which you may do once you've got the optimal build. As for the essential add-ons, they are as follows: 

  • Ammunition


There is a difference between gel balls. Blast weapons with a velocity of between 220 and 260 feet per second require medium-grade ammunition. If your frame rate exceeds 280, you need the extreme gel balls.

  • Batteries

The industry norm of 7.4 volts seems appealing. But to be sure, examine the blaster's description and question the store's staff. You can count on using the correct battery for your blaster cannon.

  •  Eye Protection

To protect your eyes, get some goggles. Wear protective eyewear, a helmet, a face mask, or a face shield. The fact that it shields your vision from harm is crucial. Other alternatives can harm your eyes or damage them. That's why gel blaster guns are preferred!

Wrapping Up

The more you practise with, experiment with, and study gel blaster guns, the more comfortable you'll feel using them in various situations. You can upgrade and start investigating different brands and accessories as time passes. You'll learn a lot about gel blaster guns and how they're separate from standard firearms just from using them.

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