GELFORCE® Vortex blasters bring a whirlwind of fun. Theres a lot more that goes into bringing you the best gel blaster with seamless technology for hours of fun. This USB rechargeable electric water ball gun is perfect for both youth and adults that are ready for adrenaline surging gameplay indoors or outdoors. 

Whether you are a beginner at playing ‘gel soft’ games or fully experienced in combat, everybody can experience the power behind our fully automatic 150 FPS electric gel ball blasters.

Vortex Blasters blast soft & squishy - yet sturdy, water-based gel beads that splatter and disintegrate on impact leaving no mess or wetness to clean up afterwards. 

gel force fully automatic electric vortex gel blaster blue m4a1gel force fully automatic electric vortex gel blaster toy gun orange m4a1